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We are specializing in design and production of high-quality medical furniture. Our products are aesthetic, reliable and robust. The company’s portfolio includes solutions designed for intensive care, products for regular in-bed treatment. Stavromed regularly introduces products and services with innovative features and functions that reduce physical demands on staff, enhance the efficacy of care provided and increase patient comfort. Each stage control’s of a production cycle allows us to exceed foreign production in the ratio “the price - quality and functionality”

The basically production principles:

    • hight quality, safety and functionality in the production of hospital and nursing medical beds;
    • a wide range of models and accessories;
    • customer focus;
    • comfort for staff and patient;
    • guarantee and post-guarantee service ;

Our site contains technical information about the base models and some of the most popular versions (section "Products").

We are always ready to consult you on all issues related to the choice of parameters of medical furniture. Our specialists will help you analyze similar products offered by the market to make you sure you get what you want. Phone: (49242) 5-24-04, 5-16-84, 5-16-70.

The quality management system of the enterprise is certified for compliance Government Standart ISO 9001-2001, Government Standart ISO 14001-2007, Government Standart ISO 13485-2004. All products have certificates of conformity, registration certificates, sanitary-epidemiological conclusions. Technical parameters of the products are fully consistent with those stated in the descriptions and technical conditions, which is confirmed by the conclusion of an independent examination